10 ways to do online marketing

Online marketing plays a major role in today’s economy. Corporate companies are constantly working on different strategies to reach consumers with a budget of their choice. So more effort is put towards the optimum use of resources for having a successful marketing campaign.

Below are some of the most useful methods to do marketing online.

1. SEO

Search engine optimization or SEO is the most important online marketing strategy that many companies would like to implement. SEO helps in long term goals rather than short term goals. But the results we are going to achieve will be beyond expectations. It provides the wanted boost each and every company wants. This strategy is not only useful for corporate companies but also for new start-ups and small & medium businesses. On-page and off-page optimization methods are used to implement SEO effectively. Few off-page optimization techniques are listed below for reference. Each one is important in some way nor the other for improving a website’s credibility with search engines.

a) Content Marketing
b) Social Media
c) Press Releases
d) Blogs
e) Citation building


2. SEM:

SEM is nothing but Search Engine Marketing or Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing. This deals with marketing on google adwords, bing ads and yahoo PPC platforms. SEM in general is considered to be expensive. Yes, it is true but if you know how to clear the break-even point then sky is the limit. It helps to get some of the most targeted traffic that we would expect for our products. Targeting is pretty straight forward. If the advertiser’s strategy is not good then his campaign will also be not good.

So it purely depends on the advertiser and it is not fair to just say that PPC ads are expensive in order to avoid including them in our online marketing plans. SEM is mostly used to get results in a shot and quick span of time. The results are almost instant for some campaigns and can be used as an interim until the SEO ranks work out.

3. SMM:

Social Media Management is very popular now-a-days and we cannot see any online marketing plans without SMM in the list. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Plus are the 4 major social media platforms that are used by various companies across the world.

They are used mainly for the purpose of increasing awareness about a brand or its product and engage the audience by providing a personal touch. It helps companies to interact with their customers or prospects directly and more professionally. These platforms act as a medium to unite the consumers with appropriate companies / products based on their needs.

4. Email Marketing:

This is one of the most important channel to convert prospects into customers and make existing customers to become part of our loyalty or elite group of customers. Email marketing is everywhere in a marketing funnel and helps the advertiser to reach out to consumers and provide the necessary information in their inbox.

Marketing Automation platforms available in the market has enabled users to automate the process of collecting leads from various marketing channels into a list and schedule automated personalized emails to increase the conversion rate of the list of audience.

5. Affiliate Marketing:

This method corresponds to the wholesaler and reseller concept in business language, wherein the work of reseller is to market the product they wish to sell and get a commission for each and every sale through them. It is not necessary that the affiliate should have knowledge about the product or provide any support for it. All of it is taken care by the owner of the product. So the affiliate can just focus on marketing.

What is in it for the businesses ? The more affiliates a business has the more products will be sold. Its like having a marketing team without any pay and they are willing to reduce their profit by sharing it with the affiliate who helped them to sell it. But most importantly its a performance pay, an affiliate will only be paid if the product is sold. So it is very important for both the affiliate and the business to have a good relationship with one another in order to succeed.

6. Free Classifieds / Directory Submissions:

There is no easy way to promote a product than posting some free classified posts across the web. However there is a downside to it. Totally depends on the classified or directory website in which the ad is posted, the quality of audience it has and the quality of the product. When a free ad works, the advertiser quickly moves to post a premium ad for a charge in order to keep the momentum going.

So its one of the easiest way to bring traffic to your site.

7. Web Traffic

There are several services in the web that sells website traffic. This can be targeted, generic or just geo targeted. These kinds of traffic can be brought in several ways like pop ups, pop under, expired domains, contextual etc. Please note that most of the providers are spammers and one should be extra cautious in using these services. So check for reviews, about their profile and what other services the provider provides and so on in order to be safe.

a) Targeted Traffic
b) Alexa Traffic
c) Geo-targeted traffic

8. Traffic exchange

Exchanges helps us to show that a website is receiving traffic and is in good shape. But personally i think that it is a total waste of time to gather credits so that others can view our website and hope to get some adsense revenue through that. Its totally waste of time and now-a-days it has become more easier to bring audiences through social media sites. Only thing is that you should be ready to spend sometime and engage the incoming audience and try to add as much to our network.

9. Forum Marketing

Forums are a great source of information for the topic they are related to. When anyone is stuck, it is best to go to a niche based forums for getting a solution. Engagement and sharing information is the key here. You will be allowed to display your website in signature and provides a brand identity for you and your brand. So be cautious in a forum as you are watched by everyone. A single wrong step will ruin your brand’s image and yours too. This is not to warn you but to provide an heads up as to how the world works, and no i didn’t face anything like that yet 🙂

10.Video Marketing

YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine in the world. Millions of hours of videos are uploaded into YouTube everyday and there are millions to watch it. So if we do not upload any informational or marketing videos into YouTube then we are ones to blame for it. Its a golden opportunity to use for our own benefit.

We will be adding this list in the future when some new things pop up. Keep watching this space.

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