7 Ways to make money online

Its time to go into the topic of discussion. In this post, we will be discussing about the many different ways to make money online. Please note that this list contains only a few methods and many more will be posted in subsequent posts.

One should have a clear goal set before proceeding with these various methods to make money online. As to whether a person is interested in making an extra income or considering this as the main source of income and act accordingly.
Below given are some of the methods to earn money online.

1. Blogging with Google adsense:

In this method a person is sharing his thoughts on a particular topic to others with the help of a blog. This helps in building a subscriber base and a loyal group of readers for the blog. In turn, the blogger will have demand from advertisers for promoting their brands in the blog and he/she can fix the price based on his demand.

Google adsense helps to increase your income on autopilot without doing anything special. Just do what you were doing in your blog, results in google adsense will lift your fortune to next level. We will discuss more about this in subsequent posts.

2. Freelance Jobs:

There are various sites available for freelancing jobs related to online web services. One could make use of these sites to bid for projects and work on them. It is difficult to get a project at first but with continuous effort and a good profile i don’t think that anyone will fail using this method.

3. Content Writing / Paid Writing:

If you are interested in writing about different kinds of topic then you can score well by using this method.
There are many webmasters who are in need of good content related to their site content. So that they will be able to add their site link to an anchor text of their choice and do link building for SEO purpose. This is the main reason for content writing to become a paid profession in the recent years.

4. Online Marketing:

Any business or job in the web needs marketing. If you are an expert in the fields of SEO / SEM then you are good to collect a truck load of money by playing the role of a consultant. On-page and off-page optimization methods are separately served as services to various businesses. If you are good in any one of them then it is more than enough to earn your desired income.

5. Selling on ebay:

For more than a decade, selling stuff on ebay is one of the profitable method to earn extra income. Items for sale can be anything you can afford but profit margins will depend on the product you sell. It is very important to maintain a good feedback in ebay. So that you will be able to make more sales and become a turbo seller in no time.
More on this can be discussed in detail at a later point of time.

6. Affiliate Marketing:

Being an affiliate of other’s product or service can help you in sharing the profit margin with the owner of the product. It involves in referring new customers to a product and in case a sale happens then you will be shared a percentage in the product’s profit margin. Of course online marketing is needed for this approach and it is good to have knowledge on free marketing.

7. Resellers:

Become a reseller of a product or service you are interested in. In this case, you will be deciding on your profit margins and will be pricing your product accordingly. You will have more control over this product and will be able to get it from a wholesaler at a discounted price. This method in itself is a home business which can help you make more money online.

Above said strategies are few of the methods to earn an additional income online. We will discuss about each of these methods in detail at a later point of time.

Happy earning.

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