Content marketing vs Native marketing

In this new era of online based market, these two words sometimes confuse us. It is tolerable since these words are mostly equal. Both content marketing and native marketing play pivotal roles in online marketing. It is believed that now, most of the sites have always put the advertisement on their website to increase the engagement they get from ads.

Content marketing mostly suitable to define as a content quality reading for having a whole information about the product. Let’s say a website for promotion contain a product of tooth paste. Then the suitable content for their marketing could be “how to choose the best toothpaste”, “how to avoid our teeth to be infected by bacteria”, etc.
Native marketing, in another hand, is a viral marketing concept. It means that there is some connection between the content present in the site and the one that is promoted. We can see the text that has a link to another site. That’s the way native advertisers promote their content and increase their engaged audience.

If we are trying to differentiate them, we will find that it is pretty easy. Since the native marketing is actually a viral system of marketing, it only connects a word or banner advertisement in a website to other website. Native marketing function is to spread out the word for its link and rank up this main website in Alexa or Google rank. Native marketing system is only good for spreading out the contents and to attract customers from another site. But if the main website of its link doesn’t work well, it won’t get good results.

Now, lets talk about the content marketing itself and some benefit it has. Content marketing is much different with native marketing. Content marketing has full version of information of the product. But, we have to further understand that sometimes content marketing has a viral connection like native marketing. Content marketing itself in certain times has created some articles connected with their product knowledge. For example, his product is a tooth paste. In another website, he creates a an article regarding this topic. Let’s say the articles such as “Why brushing every night is very important”, “Five ways to prevent the sensitive teeth pain”, etc. Then, he has a link written below the article to visit the full product knowledge website for further explanation.

Some reviews said that 80% online deals happen by using content marketing system. It is since that content marketing make us to feel confident about the product. Reading the content marketing material is like having a chat customer service through online. The customer not only understands about the product but also able to proceed further without any queries in his mind. Of course, it doesn’t mean that native marketing is not good. Sometimes, we need to spread out the link as well. Native marketing is finally not something that we should stop to do. After all, it is still important. We need to realize that its performance will never be better than content marketing.

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