Different types of Content Marketing Strategies in 2016

Some of us might already know that online marketing is now much popular than buying something in a retail store. The problem is what the strategies to make our promotional / content material get a lot of traffic or reader online

Professional internet marketer will always very careful about its content marketing. That is because content marketing will be the massive marketing technique that will work for us when we can not stay online 24 hours long. It is believed that impressive content marketing is a good start to make a money deal. Content marketing itself defines as a marketing concept through some contents connected to the product or the complete information about the product which is followed by persuasive invitation.

Below, there are some kinds of Content Marketing strategies that mostly done in 2016. All of them are suggestions from some experts that compiled into some beneficial tips.

  1. Make a Your Own Blog

It is not surprisingly known that blogging activity is beneficial for our business. But the question is why must blog? Blogging is an activity to create a writing to a free website. The writing content mostly comes to be personal and if it is about porduct, we will find the natural testimonial we won’t get from the official site  from the product. Before dealing with something, people more likely want to know what is the previous customer feel. They will not search for information through your website. But from someone’s personal blogs. If you can create a personal blogs matched with your site, it will be very effective to merket your product. For example, you sell a natural cosmetic. Then your own personal blog should talk about cosmetics, such as “The danger to use chemical cosmetics”, “how to find right cosmectic for your tropical skin”, etc. The good news here is by using this, your Google rank is also up automatically

  1. Images and videos

By making a blog, you have already put the right step for creating good traffic for your promotion. But how the blog can be more powerful ? Psychologist Albert Mehrabian, believes that 93% of whopping communication is from non verbal communication. It means, by using picture, you will make your customer easier to imagine or grasp what you offer. It could be some persuasive picture like smiling people, or your product and service’s picture. It will be even better by adding a video containts testimonial, how to use the products, etc

  1. Case studies Report

It is better for you to let your customer know more about what you have done. What updates you have done day by day and what positif impact you have made. It can be some testimonials but case studies are deeper. Case studies will further show your improvement you made for excellent customer service for your customer. If your customer has known about it, it will give you some support to trade your product and service. However, It is because the customers has understood and believe your capability to keep up to date for upcoming problems and situations.

  1. Social Media

Social media platform plays a pivotal role in every part of content marketing strategies. Whatever might be the strategy, it is very hard to avoid them. They are always part of any digital marketing strategies. It helps to gain the much needed awareness for a brand that is new to the market and increases engagement for the brands that need more conversions. Social sites have good authority and social signals are well recognised by google. Hence including social media as part of the content marketing plan is a good weapon in our arsenal, not only to increase engagement but also to improve our search rankings in google.

  1. RSS Feeds

The simplest and easiest way for content distribution is through rss feeds. Take your site or blog’s feed and place it in popular feed readers and see how your traffic increases without any effort from your side. The response for this method varies from niche to niche. Hence we cannot directly compare the performances of one site with another, unless they are in the same niche.

  1. Curated Content

Content creation is one of the tough tasks today for any website. Without proper content there is no engaging audience an thereby no conversions, as simple as that. Curated content helps to simplify the complex process of content creation and provides multiple options to the content writer.[/sociallocker]

The strategies listed above are just some of the ways content marketing can be done. We will be updating this thread with more inputs and strategies for our audiences.

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